The Bring Arts Dragon Quest VI Terry Figure Comes Fully Equipped

Dragon Quest VI Terry Figure

Square Enix opened pre-orders for a figure of Terry from Dragon Quest VI. The figure is part of Square Enix’s Bring Arts figure line and will cost ¥9,680 (about $83). Sales of the figure will officially open on August 6, 2022. [Thanks, Hobby Watch!]

Terry originally appeared in Dragon Quest VI as a supporting character and party member. A brash, arrogant swordsman, Terry frequently fought and defeated enemies a step ahead of the main hero. He traveled the world in search of stronger and more powerful weapons, and as such, appears with his traveling equipment, sword, and shield.

The Bring Arts Terry figure features customizable sword and shield parts. The figure can either hold the sword in its hands or keep it sheathed on the side. Furthermore, a shoulder strap part allows the figure to carry the shield on its back or hold it for combat. As with other Bring Arts figures, it is also fully poseable. In addition to a neutral facial expression, the figure also comes with bonus “angry” and “smiling” faceplates.

You can get a better look at the Dragon Quest VI Terry figure in the screenshots below:

Past Dragon Quest Bring Arts figures include the Hero, Biana, and Flora from Dragon Quest V. Square Enix also released Bring Arts figures of characters from its other franchises, including FFXIV‘s Y’shtola and Xion from Kingdom Hearts.

The Dragon Quest VI Terry Bring Arts figure is immediately available for pre-order and costs ¥9,680 (about $83). It will officially release on August 6, 2022.

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