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The Capcom Cafe Is Getting an Okami Collaboration

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The Capcom Cafe will be feature a collaboration with the acclaimed action-adventure game Okami starting January 30, 2020, with a full range of Okami-themed rice dishes, drinks, and desserts available. A tasting party was held earlier today at the venue, at which they introduced the themed menu. Some of these names should sound familiar, as they draw from characters in [Thanks, 4Gamer].

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It’s not just the food that is themed, as all food orders will come with an Okami placemat.

All drink orders will include a random coaster. There will be a selection of ten possible designs.

Capcom Cafe Okami coasters

And all food and dessert orders will come with a random bromide print, and there will be eight options available.

Here is a look at some of the Capcom Cafe‘s menu options:-

Okami Chirashi Sushi

Sushi with salmon and rice (1,580 yen + tax)

Susano and Kushi Sake Chazuke

Chazuke served with rice. The sake is actually a non-alcoholic soup (1,480 yen + tax)

Waka Let’s Rock Moon Eggs Benedict

This is the only western dish on the Capcom Cafe menu, as it is a poached egg and bacon in a hollandaise sauce (1,480 yen + tax)

I’m Hungry, Gimme Food Rice Bowl with Steak

Recommended for hungry customers, this dish includes butter rice with steak (1,580 yen + tax)

Mrs. Orange Sakuramochi

A cherry blossom rice cake served with warm tea (1,180 yen + tax)

Canine Warriors Fruit Ice Punch

Capcom Cafe drink

A cider-based drink featuring colored sherbet gemstones (1,180 yen + tax)

Check out the drink options in the gallery below. Each one costs 800 yen + tax.

The Capcom Cafe wouldn’t be the same without merchande, and this Okami collaboration features plenty of goods,

Capcom Cafe goods

The Okami collaboration will run at the Capcom Cafe, located at the Q Plaza Ikebukuro in Toshima City, Tokyo, from January 30-March 11, 2020.

Okami is available on the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 2. Okami HD is available on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Hideki Kamiya had previously said “Okami is going to be back”.

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