The Chief’s New Clothes

New Clothes

Earlier this week, every friend I had gave me a call to let me know one thing: that Pepsi representatives were giving out free Mountain Dew Game Fuel on my college campus.  By the fourth call, I knew I had to go get some at least to get a free dose of my favorite soda out of it.  Heck, I thought they'd discontinued it as it was no longer in my local stores.  I was pleasantly enthralled by another chance to taste the game themed nectar.  When I finally wandered over to the reps, my eyes bugged out of their sockets.  Not only was this Game Fuel free, it was in a brand new bottle.  It wasn't your typical, run of the mill soft drink bottle either.  Master Chief's special brew was actually contained in a beer bottle-like aluminum container!  Not an aluminum can, but an aluminum bottle.  Furthermore, it had a bottle cap, and not one of those domestic-like twist-offs, but a full on pry-off cap that I needed a bottle opener to get off.  I don't believe it even as I'm telling you.  To top it off, the bottle had a swanky new graffiti-ish design on it.  Has any other mass-marketed soft drink ever gotten this kind of treatment?  I truly think not.  Hit past the break for some closer shots of this odd yet amazing bottle.  Also, for those of you wondering what could have happened with my unfinished Mountain Dew Adventure, I'll include some bonus pics of what the finale could have looked like.


Bottle Cap
Profile 1


Profile 2

Mountain  Dew Adventure Bonus:

MD 1
MD 2
MD 3
MD 4