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The Cooking Mama: Cookstar Fiasco Finally Finds a Resolution

Cooking Mama Cookstar

The Cooking Mama: Cookstar fiasco has finally found a resolution. An official statement was released by IP holder Office Create to finally clear the air regarding the on-going situation. As previously reported, the reason Cooking Mama: Cookstar was pulled from shelves was, in fact, due to a legal depute between Office Create and publisher Planet Entertainment.

However, there is a bit more to the situation. In the official statement, Office Create also mentions that the game they were shown was not up to par. And despite this, Planet Entertainment decided to release the game without Office Create’s approval.

Additionally, Office Create addresses another issue, this time with the promotion of an upcoming European PlayStation 4 release of Cookstar. As it stands, Office Create has not licensed a PlayStation 4 version of Cookstar and they are not involved in the development of any Cooking Mama game for the PlayStation 4.

On March 30, 2020 Office Create terminated Planet Entertainment’s license due to their intentional breach of contract. Despite this, Planet Entertainment has continued to sell unauthorized copies of Cooking Mama: Cookstar. Right now Office Create is considering taking legal action against Planet Entertainment.

The original fiasco took center stage when Cookstar was accused of mining bitcoin from Nintendo Switch consoles via blockchain. This theory has since been debunked with numerous updates to the story. Now that an official statement has been released, observers can only wait to see where the situation may lead next.

Cooking Mama: Cookstar physical copies are immediately available for the Nintendo Switch via Planet Entertainment website.

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