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The Development Process Of Mega Man Legends 3’s Bonne Mecha


You may recall that Capcom held a "Bonne Mecha Proposal Rally" for Mega Man Legends 3 back in November, where they asked fans to send in designs for the Bonne mecha in the new game. Now that the mecha for inclusion has been selected, they’re giving people a glimpse of the assembly process.


The new Bonne mecha has three types of attack patterns, depending on its distance from the player. 0-10m is considered close distance, 10-20m is mid distance, and 20-40m is classified as long distance.


Following this, a brainstorming session was conducted, during which the subjects of what constitutes the “vibe” of a Bonne mecha and how to bring the mecha to life were put under scrutiny. Soon after, the original fan-submitted mecha design was modified to better accommodate the ideas from the session:


Check out more screenshots of the in-game Bonne mecha below. You can read the rest of the development post — it’s more detailed than our summary — at Capcom’s Legends 3 devroom. Finally, in case you missed it, you can find in-game footage of the Bonne mecha in this post.


Ishaan Sahdev
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