The Doctor Is in as Arknights Is Available Outside Japan


After being teased back in December 2018, Hypergryph and Yostar have released Arknights worldwide. People can now recruit an army of soldiers for Rhodes Island Pharmaceutical and, as the leader known as the Doctor, direct them to fight against both The Infected and dangerous individuals in the hopes of finding a cure for the Oripathy disease. It is a free-to-play tower defense game and available on Android and Apple iOS devices.

In Arknights, people have been exposed to Originium and, as a result, developed Oripathy. While there’s no cure, Rhodes Island is still fighting for the chance of hope. However, people infected with Oripathy have stronger Arts and abilities than normal, but have a chance of becoming one of The Infected if they use it. People of all sorts join Rhodes Island to fight back, among them the amnesiac Doctor. Amiya and a contingent of agents revive and rescue the player’s character, then quickly task them with leading them to victory.

When entering an Arknights map, players are able to place their Rhodes Island agents in areas to intercept approaching enemies. You can have standard fighters, ranged units like snipers, casters who can use Arts, medics to heal allies, and an array of units with different abilities to strike back. Your goal is to survive and keep pushing forward.

As part of a collection of launch bonuses, some special events are in effect. For example, there is a permanent Beginner’s Orundum Supply that gives everyone 3,800 Orundum to spend after starting the game. There is also a permanent Starter’s Headhunting Service for newcomers, guaranteeing people at least one six-star unit and one five-star unit in their first 10 rolls. People can also get 100 Sanity for seven days if they log in for seven days before February 19, 2020.

Arknights is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

Jenni Lada
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