The Dragalia Lost Tiki Banner Is Now Live

dragalia lost tiki

The next part of the Fire Emblem Dragalia Lost mashup has arrived. While this means more quests will be available in the currently-active Kindred Ties event, it also means one more unit has joined the fray. People can now try and pull for the Dragalia Lost Tiki unit. She’s available on her own banner.

While Tiki is a “dragon,” she’s appearing here in Dragalia Lost as an adventurer. She’s a five-star water-element unit who wields daggers. Since she has her own dragon form, her dragon gauge is a Divine Dragon gauge due to the Dragon Scion II ability. When activated, she shapeshifts into her Divine Dragon self instead of another Dragalia Lost dragon, as noted in the official announcement. As you may expect, she’s stronger than usual and takes less damage in this form.

Tiki’s moveset also includes Divine Wings, which becomes Breath of Fog when she’s a Divine Dragon, that deals water damage. (It also inflicts frostbite if she’s a dragon.) Her Dragon Valor helps fill her Divine Dragon gauge normally and deals a water-based Divine Dragon Blow when she’s a dragon. Her co-ability is Standard Attack Damage +20%, her chain co-ability is (Water) Dragon Haste +20%, and she has both Burn Res +100% and Frostbitten Punisher +30%.

Here’s a video offering a better look at the Dragalia Lost Tiki unit.

As a reminder, the other Fire Emblem Dragalia Lost units for this event are Chrom, Peony, and Sharena.

Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. The Dragalia Lost Tiki banner and Fire Emblem Kindred Ties event will be available until May 12, 2020.

Jenni Lada
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