The Ghost of Tsushima Masterline Statue Will Cost You at Least $1,099

ghost of tsushima masterline small

Prime 1 Studio’s Ghost of Tsushima Masterline statues are revealed and up for pre-order, which means we now know exactly how much people can expect to pay for the premium over 23 inch tall, 22 inch wide, and 17 inch long figure. The standard edition will be $1,099, while the DX edition with extra parts will be $1,199. That doesn’t include shipping costs for the figures, which will ship sometime between March and June 2022. People who buy through Prime 1 Studio will get a Sakai Clan Emblem with their DX version as a bonus part.

Each of the figures will be 1/4th scale figures of Jin Sakai, the game’s hero. Both versions have him in his Executioner’s Penance armor. He also has the Sakai Katana he uses in the game in his right hand. His left hand remains at his side in the standard version, but the DX edition includes an additional arm part that holds his Ghost mask. The DX version also includes a second head that has Jin unmasked. Both versions’ stands have the fox and bird you might see in the game next to an Inari shrine.

Here’s a closer look at the standard Jin Sakai, The Ghost Masterline statue.

And here’s a look at the exclusive parts that change his look in the DX Deluxe version.

Two other game-related Prime 1 Studio Masterline statues also opened pre-orders recently. The NieR: Automata ones can be ordered now too. There’s a basic 2B one that is under $1,000 and a larger one with 2B, 9S, and A2 that comes in over $2,800 standard and over $3,300 deluxe varieties.

The two Ghost of Tsushima Masterline statues of Jin are expected to ship sometime between March and June 2022.

Jenni Lada
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