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The Good Life Shows Off The Villagers Of Rainy Woods In Their Animal Forms


The latest Kickstarter update for Swery’s The Good Life has released, and this time, rather than showing off more of the town, the development team has opted to show off more of the villagers – this time in animal form.

For those unfamiliar with The Good Life, the game is about the reporter Naomi, who gets stuck at a small town called Rainy Woods. For some mysterious reason, the villagers living here will turn into dogs and cats at night, something that Naomi soon gets to experience for herself.

Much work has been put into making it so that the animal forms of the villagers match their human looks, and convey their personality. When Naomi turns into a dog or cat (a player choice), she’ll also be able to perform actions like an enhanced sense of smell, or jumping into boxes as a cat, which she won’t be able to do as a human.

Additionally, other animals that you might see in the UK will also show up, and get involved:

Finally, two new villagers were introduced this month – George Fakhoury and Jan Yi Han:

The Good Life will come to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It made ¥81,030,744 (~$744,186) from 12,613 backers. The game was previously delayed to a Spring 2020 release window, which you can read more about here.

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