The History Of Iridion



Earlier today, Shin’en dropped us a mail to let us know they’ve re-released the "Perfect Solution" arranged soundtrack for Iridion 3D and Iridion II via CdBaby in digital form. The once rare OST is now available for collectors that are interested in owning it in the form of individual MP3s.


Here’s a list of tracks on the disc, along with running times for each:


1. Iridion 3D – Medley : 5:28

2. Iridion 3D – Space Assault : 3:28

3. Iridion 3D – Asteroid Belt : 3:01

4. Iridion 3D – Space Station : 2:34

5. Iridion II – See The Sun Burn : 3:03

6. Iridion II – Spiral Bliss : 3:12

7. Iridion II – Two Years Gone : 3:06

8. Iridion II – Citizen Discharged : 3:12

9. Iridion II – Aniki : 3:12

10. Iridion II – Cold Play : 3:52

11. Bonus Track – Cessation : 2:55

12. Bonus Track – Accomplished Offence : 1:58


Every track on the Perfect Solution OST is composed by Manfred Linzner, co-founder of Shin’en, who leaves some interesting tidbits about Iridion’s history in the soundtrack notes.


It turns out, Iridion originally started out as an amateur project on Mr. Linzner’s Amiga computer. However, he abandoned development following the creation of some music and the very first level of the game. The idea was re-visited after Shin’en was formed during the days of the Game Boy Color, but was quickly dropped again when the developer ran into hurdles figuring out how to market the game.


Iridion 3D was finally released on the Game Boy Advance and turned into one of the more successful third-party games on the platform, allowing Shin’en to develop a sequel, Iridion II.

Ishaan Sahdev
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