The Idolmaster 16th Anniversary Stream Features Voyager Single

Idolmaster 16th anniversary

July 25, 2021 marks The Idolmaster’s 16th anniversary, and Bandai Namco presented plenty of news about the series’ future during the celebratory livestream. This includes a new song, concept movie, collaboration, and more.  [Thanks, Famitsu!]

First of all, a new concept movie for the new song [email protected] is available online. The long version of this video will appear in mid-August. Atsushi Nishigori, who directed the anime series for The Idolmaster, is the director for the [email protected] video. CloverWorks and Studio khara worked on the video. The [email protected] CD will go on sale on August 4, 2021. [email protected] is meant to represent the future of The Iidolmaster.

For news about the games, Cinderella Girls will have a collaboration with The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. More information on the songs and outfits will appear in the future. Not only is this the 16th anniversary for The Idolmaster, but it is also the 10th anniversary for Cinderella Girls. In commemoration, merchandise of the Sanrio collaboration will appear in Animate stores and anime goods websites from September 18, 2021.

Speaking of collaborations, Azur Lane is currently running a collaboration event with The Idolmaster. The Idolmaster characters such as Haruka and Chihaya can appear in-game as shipgirls until August 5, 2021.

Lastly, there are some new updates to The Idolmaster: Side M. The Idolmaster: Side M will post conversations with the idols on Twitter and the official website. There will be a total of 49 videos. There is also an official YouTube playlist of the songs that appear in The Idolmaster: Side M GROWING STARS.

[email protected] is a song that represents the future for The Idolmaster, and it was first announced during the 16th anniversary stream. It will appear as a CD from August 4, 2021.

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