The March 2021 Sega Survey Asks About Anime

march 2021 sega survey anime

Sega has a new March 2021 survey for people to take. As people might expect, the questionnaire focuses on the companies’ most notable games and possible platforms. However, it also includes a number of questions asking about anime. People can head to the official website to fill it out, provided they are over 18.

After basic questions going over who you are and you are eligible to participate, it gets into gaming-related questions. First, it asks which systems you might have access to. It also asks if you’re familiar with both games Sega and Atlus did and didn’t make. Then, it goes on to see if people answering consider themselves an anime fan and if they’ve watched certain series like Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, Demon Slayer, Dragon Ball, and Sailor Moon. It also asks if people prefer single or multiplayer games.

Once you get to the 19th question, you can start offering your own responses to questions. For example, it asks which one work you identify with Sega. Its second to last question asks, “In what ways could SEGA enhance your gaming experiences?”

This is the second Atlus and Sega-related survey to appear in March 2021. Previously, one appeared the first week of the month in Japan. That questionnaire focused on Atlus games. While it is only in Japanese, it can be filled out by anyone worldwide.

The March 2021 Sega Survey is now available in English.

Jenni Lada
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