The Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Demo You Can’t Play



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In an odd twist, Capcom have announced that their upcoming Monster Hunter Portable 3rd demo will, at least initially, only be made available to members of its mobile phone Monster Hunter Club.


The trial will include two quests, the contents of which haven’t been disclosed, and will give you the option to tackle them either in singleplayer mode or with up to three other hunters in ad-hoc multiplayer. If you feel lonely going at it solo, you can opt to take two AI-controlled Felyne partners along with you instead.


You can even bring Felynes into the multiplayer game. For instance, you could have two players, each with a Felyne partner, making for a total of four hunters. Portable 3rd’s demo has significantly more content than the one Capcom released for Monster Hunter Tri.


They aren’t being stingy with weapon choices either. The weapons included in the trial are: One-handed sword, Great Sword, Hammer, Lance, Slash Axe, Dual Swords, Long Sword, Light Bowgun, and Heavy Bowgun. You can look at pictures and screenshots of these (and the weapons not in the demo) on Capcom’s official site for the game.


If you’re a member of the Monster Hunter Club, you’ll be able to access the demo starting October 3rd. There’s a catch though: even club members will only be given two access codes — one for downloading and one if they wish to gift it to someone else presumably.

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