The Oppo Evangelion Smartphone Will Make a Third Impact on Your Wallet

Ace2 x EVA

Neon Genesis Evangelion is no stranger to off-the-wall merchandise, but Oppo’s Ace2 x EVA skews a little more practical. That’s because it’s a smartphone, which is probably one of contemporary life’s most crucial tools. And it looks like the kind of phone a budding member of NERV (or perhaps SEELE) might play gacha dailies on. [Thanks, Catsuka!]

The Ace2 x EVA is a special, limited-edition version of Oppo’s standard Ace2 Android phone, decked out fully in the Evangelion aesthetic. Th body of the phone itself features the iconic purple, black, and green color scheme of Evangelion Unit-01. The included protective case features a more elaborate Unit-01-themed design as well. A note of caution: though the case is printed with “A.T. Field,” it is probably not rated against actual Angel attacks.

The packaging is rather over-the-top as well. The phone can be stored in a fancy box made up to look like an Evangelion’s entry plug. The charger and wired earphones are decorated in NERV iconography, and even the little pin for poking open the phone’s SIM/memory card tray is shaped like the Spear of Longinus. Even a special edition of the Air VOOC wireless charger is available in NERV regalia.

High-rolling Evangelion fans can also shell out for more themed accessories. A limited edition Oppo Watch is done up in Asuka and Unit-02’s colors, while a special version of the Oppo Enco W31 wireless earbuds evokes the color scheme of Rei Ayanami’s white-and-blue plugsuit.

Oppo even debuted a spectacular CG trailer for the phone, showing off the gear and raising the specter of  the aborted live-action Evangelion film that was in the works with Weta Workshop long ago:

Interested buyers who can import from China can pick up the Oppo Ace2 x EVA at a price of CNY 4,400 (about USD $615). The Unit-02 Asuka Oppo Watch retails for about CNY 2,200, while the Unit-00 Rei earbuds go for CNY 400. That’s definitely pricey, though relatively affordable for a flagship smartphone model (last year’s Samsung Galaxy S10 retails for about USD $400 these days).

Josh Tolentino
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