Japanese site Getnews.jp recently conducted a user survey of around 1,000 Internet users as to their thoughts on the cost of Nintendo’s 3DS in Japan, which was recently announced with a retail price of 25,000 yen (approximately $300 USD) attached to it.


Poll results from the survey are as illustrated in the graph below:



Participants weighed in with their opinions, too. Here are some choice quotes that Getnews mention:


“On launch date, I hesitate to buy it.”


“After seeing the specs, I think the performance for a mobile device over 20,000 yen is a little high.”


“For a device that plays MP4 videos, 25,000 yen I can comprehend; for a standalone game machine I think it’s high.”


“A little high, but I think it’s in within a tolerable range. I really wanted Kid Icarus and Mega Man Legends 3.


“I think it’s expensive in comparison to the functions of an iPod Touch 8G.”


“The Super Famicom had a regular price of 25,000 yen.”


“A little high. I’ll wait and see for the first price cut.”


“It isn’t a suitable price for a children’s toy.”


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