The Silent Hill 2, 3, and The Room Original Soundtracks Have Returned to Spotify in North America and Europe

Silent Hill Original Soundtracks Spotify

The Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3, and Silent Hill 4: The Room original soundtracks are once again available to stream via Spotify in North America and Europe. These iconic soundtracks are now available to stream via the Spotify website and the Spotify app.

Other Silent Hill soundtracks on Spotify include the Silent Hill – Shattered Memories original soundtrack, Silent Hill Origins, and Silent Hill – Homecoming. As it stands, all of the Silent Hill original soundtracks are available to listen to, with the exception of the first Silent Hill soundtrack. If you’re looking to find the original soundtracks on Spotify you will need to look up series composer Akira Yamaoka. Looking up Silent Hill won’t yield all of the results, so you’ll need to use this method in order to find each individual soundtrack.

In recent Silent Hill news, Heather Mason has been added to Dead by Daylight as a survivor. In addition to this, the iconic Pyramid Head has also been added to the asymmetrical horror title as a killer. Dead by Daylight also received a special title screen theme composed by Akira Yamaoka to commemorate this collaboration. The Midwich Elementary School will also be included in this update as a new map in Dead by Daylight as well.

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