The Siliconera RPG Maker VX Ace Project – Choose A Weapon!


Time for this week’s Siliconera RPG poll! This one is about what weapon the main character—who’s out on a “grand quest” to bake a cake—will carry.


After the poll, you can also find a list of NPC character submissions from the community, which will all be used in the game.



And now, onto the NPC submissions. The Siliconera RPG isn’t a particularly grand project. It’s going to be short, with not a lot of story, and our primary goal is to simply create a fun distraction based on contributions from our community. As such, you won’t find a giant world filled with dozens of characters you can talk to.


This is where the NPC submissions come in. The NPCs will be the characters that you’ll briefly be able to interact with. All of the submissions below came with personality descriptions for the characters, which we’ve left out, since that might ruin some of the surprise, but we’ll be incorporating them in the game for certain.



Name: Claude

Creator: Razee Syazwan





Name: Cyrus

Creator: OtakuCyrus





Name: Chester

Creator: KingTsundere





Name: Dasche

Creaetor: MrRobbyM





synchross_01 synchross_02

Name: Aera

Creator: Synchross





Name: Gibran

Creator: neocatzon





Name: Edea

Creator: Ariobimo Wicaksono





Name: Sebastian

Creator: usagi_san





Name: Nemea Leona

Creator: meowmeowhouse





Name: Daniel

Creator: NghtmrSrph





Name: Awieh

Creator: Peace_Legacy





Name: Rarin

Creator: Nanaya Shiki





Name: Phoenix

Creator: LynxAmali





Name: Rinko

Creator: Serene





Name: Alys

Creator: smallfeathers





Name: Elizabeth

Creator: TheSquishyTanker





Name: Etsuo Shinigami

Creator: Tom_Phoenix





A big thanks to everyone that sent in their characters!

Ishaan Sahdev
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