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These Fuuraiki 4 Heroines Will Accompany Your Travels

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Nippon Ichi Software and FOG introduced the heroine characters that will play a major role in Fuuraiki 4. Once encountered, the protagonist will be able to ask them to tag along when traveling and sightseeing. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

Previously in February 2021, Nippon Ichi and FOG revealed details on the travel and exploration gameplay systems. But travel is just one part of the series, as the other important part introduced involves the interactions with the heroines.

Fuuraiki 4 will feature the following three heroine characters:

Hiyo Yuhara (voiced by Rika Kinugawa)

A girl with a sisterly disposition who also rides an FZR. She wants to totally enjoy sightseeing and playing. After an unexpected meeting with the protagonist, she will share a mutual understanding with you by talking about trips and motorcycles.

Shizuru Unose (voiced by Yuki Nagano)

A girl who looks reserved. She is far-sighted and requires glasses to see nearby things. As a graduate student researching local history, she knows a lot about folklore.

Chiari Mori (voiced by Hiyori Kawano)

A girl with a cheerful mood. Although she seems to be concerned about something, her natural cheeriness makes that unnoticeable. She also has an impish personality and every time the protagonist tries to talk with her, she will ask if it’s smooth-talking.

The aforementioned heroines can also accompany you in visiting various places within Japan’s Gifu Prefecture. When you visit a place with a heroine, you can take a photo with her presence in the 360-degree panoramic view.

Other than the three heroines, Fuuraiki 4 will also have many more characters that you can encounter during the trip. On one occasion, a blonde-haired girl may guide you towards a certain location. Another scene will have you try to help a mysterious girl find something.

Fuuraiki 4 will be available for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on April 22, 2021.

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