Tomb Raider II Is Now Available On iOS Devices




    Tomb Raider II, the second game in the original Tomb Raider series, is out now on iOS devices. The game costs $1.99/€1.79/£1.49.


    Originally released in 1997 for PC and PlayStation, Tomb Raider II has Lara visiting locales like Tibet and Venice as she searches for the Dagger of Xian. As with every Tomb Raider game after it, II added new moves and vehicles to the list of tools you had at hand to beat the game’s puzzles.



    If you grew up playing these games, you’ll remember this was also the first time you actually got to see Lara’s ponytail within the game, as Core Design hadn’t been able to optimize the first Tomb Raider well enough to be able to fit it in. While the first game introduced Lara, Tomb Raider II was the one that defined her look for the rest of the original series.


    The image above shows the evolution of Lara’s character model from the first Tomb Raider through Tomb Raider Chronicles. You’ll notice the biggest jump in quality is from I to II, both in terms of textures and character modeling.



    Lara Croft comparison image courtesy Tomb Raider Forums.

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