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Tomodachi Life Is Coming To The West, And It Looks Completely Bizarre


Tomodachi Collection: New Life* is indeed coming to the west. Nintendo announced this morning that the game will come to North America and Europe under the title Tomodachi Life.


Details of the game were shared in the Nintendo Direct presentation above, and it demonstrates how surreal the entire thing can be, including a portion where Nintendo employees confess their love to Metroid’s Samus.


*”Tomodachi” means friend.


Tomodachi Life is a life-simulation game where a number of Miis live on an island, and interact with one another as they go about their daily lives. This can include mingling, making friends, fighting, or even falling in love and having children. A large number of Miis can be imported into the game. Alternatively, you can create Miis of your own.


Once you’ve created your Mii, you can customize their voices and personality using the parameters you see above. Miis have their own taste in foods and their own behaviours and quirks. At certain points in Tomodachi Life, you can even enter a Mii’s dreams.


As new events and features are unlocked within the game, a news report announces these, making you aware of them. Tomodachi Life will be available for Nintendo 3DS and 2DS on June 6th in North America and Europe.


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