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Trails of Cold Steel III Shares More On Agate And Tita, New Battle System Features



Falcom revealed the Japanese release date for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III in this week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation, and they also shared additional character info on Agate Crosner and Tita Russell as well as new battle system features. [Thanks, Hachima.]


First, here’s some info on what’s included in the first-print limited  box:

  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III mini-original soundtrack.
  • Special Duties Division: Class VII SD rubber strap full set.
  • A special 128-page full-color art book.
  • Original DLC “Invitation from Thors Academy”


Agate Crosner – After the “Liberl Incident,” Agate achieved various achievements, at home and abroad, and was promoted to an A-rank Bracer. It’s been four years since the events of Trails in the Sky and Agate has grown mentally. A big mystery from Trails in the Sky will unravel in Trails of Cold Streel III. He’ll also participate in battles.


Tita Russell – Tita is now a 16-year-old girl, but her love for tinkering with machines and for Agate hasn’t changed.


Next they shared some battle system info:


  • Direct command – The Direct Command is a new input method, like the conventional “Ring Command” system, but made to be more simple with one-press commands . Players will get to intuitively input commands using commands that and their corresponding inputs for each button and d-pad.


  • Brave Order – A new system that lets characters set an “Order” (strategic instructions) without using up their turn. When a Brave Order is activated the entire party is affected by its effect for the turn. Brave Orders uses BP, which accumulates in battle.


  • Craft – A character’s unique skill that uses CP, which also accumulates in battle, to activate.


  • Style Change – Juna Crawford (pictured above) has special trait that allows her to switch between two styles. She uses a gun and baton hybrid “Gun Breaker” weapon. Juna is able to switch between “Striker Mode” and “Gunner Mode” on each of her turns.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails releases in Japan on September 28, 2017 for PlayStation 4. It’ll go for 7,800 yen plus tax.

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