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Trails of Cold Steel III Shares New Screens And Details For Alisa, Elliot, Laura, Machias, Jusis



Falcom shared the latest details and screenshots for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III with former members of Class VII in Alisa, Elliot, Laura, Machias, and Jusis.


Alisa Reinford (CV: Yui Horie)

Age: 19


Alisa is the heiress of Erebonia’s most prominent heavy industrial maker, the Reinford Group.


She was previously a classmate of Rean as part of the special class “Class VII” during their time at Thors Military Academy, where they worked together through various happenings and deepened their bond.


After graduating from Thors, Alisa decided to help in the management of the RF Group. With support from her grandfather Gwyn who returned as an advisor, as well as the family made Sharon, Alisa learned the ropes of management and acquired the qualifications to become a senior manager.


From there on, Alisa has led the development of a new-type Combat Orbment “ARCUS II” and is also in charge of the Orbal Staff section. She’s been working everyday as a negotiator for academies from different regions and the likes  of research institution and manufacturer Epstein Foundation, all while thinking of Rein and the others she promised to reunite with.







Elliot Craig (CV: Ryoko Shiraishi)

Age: 19


A young man with a genius’ sense in music and also the son of the Erebonian Empire army’s brave general “Craig the Red.”


Elliot aspired to be a musician, but he abandoned the dream after being strongly opposed by his father.


After enrolling in Thors Military Academy, he had a meeting of fate with Rean and the others as a member of the Class VII.


Once he graduated from Thors, Elliot got permission from his father to enroll in an imperial music school with a focus in specialized lessons, where he graduated in just a year.


After having the professional debut he’s always wanted, Elliot has been traveling around the Empire, going on tour as a professional musician, while looking to bring peace to the people with the healing powers of music.






Laura S. Arseid

Age: 20


Daughter of Victor S. Arseid, and heiress to the Arseid family, a distinguished noble family of the Erebonian Empire, known for their unmatched swordsmanship.


Laura learned Arseid-style swordsmanship at an early age, and she formed a bond with Rean through discipline during their pursuit in the way of sword during their time as members of Class VII.


After graduating from Thors, she began training with her father to further study the secret arts of the Arseid-style swordsmanship.


Since then, Laura acquired the title of assistant instructor and has been traveling around different parts for further training.


She continues to polish her swordsmanship while military build-up accelerates in all parts, as she looks for signs of The Society’s first move within the Empire.





Machias Regnitz (CV: Takuya Sato)

Age: 20


Son of Imperial Governeor Carl Regnitz, and a hard worker who is tough on others as he is to himself.


He used to harbor deep hatred for nobles, but he builds a strong relationship of mutual trust unbound by social position with Rean, Jusis, and the others during his time as a member of Class VII.


After graduating from Thors, Machias enrolls in the Empire’s political academy with the thought of following a different path from his father’s or the Blood and Iron Chancellor Osborne. Using the earnest and excellent traits passed on from his father, he was able to go full-throttle and finished everything he needed in just a year.


At an exceptionally young age of 19, Machias joins the “House of Judiciary Inspection” and has been traveling around different parts for inspection work. This is when he notices a “certain policy” planned by the Blood and Iron Chancellor…






Jusis Albarea (CV: Shunnosuke Tachibana)

Age: 20


Second son of the Albarea Dukedom, one of the Four Great Houses in the Erebonian Empire, and also the younger brother of Rufus Albarea.


Jusis grew up with his own share of struggles being born between both a noble and commoner, but thanks to meeting Rean who was in a similar circumstance, he was able to form a strong bond with the members of Class VII.


After graduating from Thors, instead of taking part of a noble group like his father and brother, he takes on the job of an acting feudal lord at a young age, with plans of rebuilding the Bareahard region.


In the midst of all this, Jusis sensed a feeling of uneasiness in the air with the treatment of the Vander family, tax reform enforcement, and accelerated pressure to the nobles, as he quietly makes contact with Houses Rogner, Hyarms, and others of the Four Great Houses.






The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III releases in Japan on September 28, 2017 for PlayStation 4. Check our previous report for info on the game’s “Break” and “Heightened” systems.

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