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Trails into Reverie Confirmed for Summer 2023 Launch

trails into reverie opening

NIS America has confirmed that The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie (a.k.a. Hajimari no Kiseki) is coming next year, with a Summer 2023 release window, and will include a PS5 version. It also uploaded the opening movie for the game. The movie is around two minutes long, and features the cast of both the Crossbell and Erebonia sagas.

Trails into Reverie came out in Japan in 2020 for the PS4. Nihon Falcom later ported it to the Nintendo Switch and Windows PC in 2021. With the 2023 PS5 release, this will be the first time part of the Trails series has appeared on next-gen platforms. Reverie serves as a conclusion to Lloyd Bannings’ Crossbell arc (covered in Trails from Zero/to Azure), as well as Rean Schwarzer’s Erebonia arc (Trails of Cold Steel series). It also serves as a prelude of sorts to the Kuro no Kiseki games, which do not yet have international release windows.

You can watch the opening movie for The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie below. There are no major spoilers for either series in the opening.

The opening theme of the game is Megumi Sasaka’s “No End No World.” The Falcom Sound Team composed it, with Hideaki Hamada writing the lyrics. Kuro no Kiseki, which chronologically takes place after Trails into Reverie came out in Japan in 2021. Its sequel, Kuro no Kiseki II: Crimson SiN came out in September 2022 for Japan as well. It is likely that NISA plans on localizing the two games for a western audience after Trails into Reverie.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie will come out on the PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC in Summer 2023. You can pre-order the limited edition and merchandise from the NISA Online Store.

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