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Trails of Cold Steel Altina Figure Is Set To Release This Year

Trails of Cold Steel Rean Altina figure prototypes

Nihon Falcom and Kotobukiya have posted an update for the upcoming figures of Altina Orion and Rean Schwarzer from the Trails of Cold Steel series. Altina’s figure has received a colored sample, while Rean’s figure prototype is shown for the first time. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

The figures were initially announced in October 2020. However, neither Falcom nor Kotobukiya provided any details other than the simple confirmation back then. We have now learned that the figures will depict the characters with a 1/8 scale.

Altina’s figure will be based on her traveling outfit from Trails of Cold Steel IV. The figure will have an overall height of approximately 19 cm (roughly 7 inches). Rean’s figure prototype shows him wearing the instructor uniform from Trails of Cold Steel III.

With a colored sample readied, Kotobukiya is set to release the Trails of Cold Steel Altina Orion figure within 2021. It will start accepting orders for Altina’s figure in June 2021. Kotobukiya is also preparing an exclusive smiling face part for Altina as a bnous for those who place an order on the Kotobukiya Shop. Meanwhile, Rean Schwarzer’s figure will take a longer time to finish. A release window for his figure has yet to be announced.

Rean Schwarzer and Altina Orion are the main characters in Nihon Falcom’s Trails of Cold Steel tetralogy. All four titles are currently available in English on PlayStation 4 and PC. Although the Nintendo Switch is also set to complete the lineup, the upcoming ports of the first and second titles in July and August 2021 will only include Japanese, Korean, and Chinese subtitles.

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