Trine 2 Will Allow For Backtracking And Have Multiple Co-Op Modes

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News on Trine 2 has slowed to a crawl once more, so we did a little searching on Frozenbyte’s community forums, where they often talk to their fans and answer questions about the game. Looking through the various forum threads was rather informative, so here’s a rundown of what we found.


Trine 2 will feature a new save system that lets you quit the game at any point in time, and your progress — including items, puzzles and enemies defeated –will be saved to your exact position. In case you lose all three characters and die, you’ll go back to the last save point, but retain your level progress.


You’ll be able to backtrack freely to previous levels in order to collect items you missed or try out new abilities in older areas. There’s also going to be a Free Game+ mode, though we aren’t quite sure just what this is.


As far as length is concerned, Frozenbyte say that Trine 2 will be an hour or two longer than the original. They estimate the game will be around 8 – 10 hours of play time. Trine 2 will also be replayable, since single player and co-op modes will offer slightly different experiences. There are also multiple cooperative modes in the game, although this hasn’t been detailed.


Since multiplayer is both offline as well as online this time, Frozenbyte are adding voice chat for communication to all versions of the game.


Frozenbyte also talked a little about the game’s characters. In case you’re wondering, no, the Wizard still won’t be able to use the Fireball spell or any other offensive spells to “directly” deal damage. The main enemy in the game this time will be goblins instead of skeletons. The skeletons from Trine have been removed entirely frm Trine 2.


Finally, here’s a fun little fact about the Trine 2 trailers you’ve seen so far. The trailers from last year featured Trine 2 assets using Trine 1 engine. The newer trailer, released this year, however, uses the Trine 2 engine. The difference between the two engines is primarily polish-related, with the newer engine allowing for new physics and more visual effects.


Trine 2 is currently slated for a late summer release on PC, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. A demo for all three platforms will be made available around launch. If you want to learn more about Trine 2, check out our interviews with Frozenbyte.

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