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Trusty Bell Limited Edition Xbox 360 Console!



It’s awesome enough that Blue Dragon had its own bundle with an Xbox 360 back at the game’s release (and still available if you manage to find one), but now it seems that Namco-Bandai is jumping on board the limited edition console bundle to provide prospective Xbox 360 owners with something of their own.


GameWatch reports today that Namco-Bandai has announced they will be releasing limited edition Xbox 360 consoles that come with an Xbox 360 (Core unit obviously) and a copy of Trusty Bell: Chopin’s Dream on the game’s June 4, 2007 release in Japan. I’m jealous at the fact that Namco-Bandai is doing this! Then again, they did the exact same thing with Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology by bundling the game with a blue PSP and custom boxart for the PSP and lots of other extras. The front of this particular Xbox 360 will have artwork from Trusty Bell. Screens can be found by clicking the numbers below.


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If you buy the limited edition console and decide you don’t want it, you may want to give it to me.

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