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Tales Of Vesperia On Sale For Under $5 On Xbox Live

By Spencer . July 21, 2015 . 11:15pm

Microsoft has Tales of Vesperia and other Bandai Namco titles on sale this week. You can get Yuri and Flynn’s story for $4.94 or $3.74 if you’re an Xbox Live Gold member.

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The Great J-RPG PSN Demo Explosion

By Spencer . September 29, 2008 . 7:50am

I thought the downloadable demo Prinny demo would be the only highlight of today’s PlayStation Store update in Japan. Volcynika kindly let us know (thanks!!) Japan’s PlayStation Store is filled to the brim with demos. Fire up your Japanese PSN account to try out Eternal Sonata, X-Edge (aka Cross Edge), Prinny, and Yggdra Union. Prinny: […]

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Pre-order Trusty Bell: Chopin’s Dream Reprise to get a Navigation disc

By Spencer . August 21, 2008 . 8:45pm

Namco Bandai is pushing the PS3 version of Eternal Sonata with a sweet promotion for fans of the game. If you reserve the game in Japan you get the Trusty Bell: Chopin’s Dream Navigation disc, a bonus disc with content similar to DVD extras. You can watch an interview with Aya Hirano (she voices Polka), […]

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Eternal Sonata PS3 confirmed for the USA

By Spencer . July 15, 2008 . 10:30am

  Namco Bandai was dodgy about the existence of a PlayStation version of Eternal Sonata last year. We know it exists and its coming to Japan this September. Now we know it's coming to North America this fall with all of the extra playable characters (Serenade / Crecendo), dungeons, and endings we heard about previously. […]

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PS3 Eternal Sonata extended with multiple endings

By Spencer . June 26, 2008 . 11:54am

The rumor we posted about Trusty Bell: Chopin no Yume coming out on September 18 was on the mark, except the game will be known as Trusty Bell: Chopin no Yume Reprise when it comes out in Japan. In addition to playing with Crescendo and Serenade, Namco Bandai is giving the entire game an overhaul. […]

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PS3 Trusty Bell rings in September?

By Spencer . June 20, 2008 . 9:22pm

Last year Namco Bandai revealed Trusty Bell: Chopin no Yume (aka Eternal Sonata) would get a PlayStation 3 port with extra content. We don’t know if it’s coming to North America. We’re not even sure when Japan will play with Prince Crescendo in combat. It might be soon, though. Play-Asia just posted a September 18 […]

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Watch – Eternal Sonata on the Playstation 3

By Spencer . December 13, 2007 . 8:23pm

Eternal Sonata came out on the Xbox 360 in September and shortly afterwards we found out Japan is getting a Playstation 3 version with extra content. The Playstation 3 trailer makes it a point to show Crescendo and Serenade as playable characters. They are a strong selling point, but not for me. I’m not about […]

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Only for Playstation 3, Eternal Sonata’s extra characters

By Spencer . October 31, 2007 . 9:40am

You might be at the end of Eternal Sonata (aka Trusty Bell: Chopin’s Dream). Maybe you earned the 1,000 achievement points and unlocked everything. However, you’re playing the incomplete version of Eternal Sonata.   Next year Eternal Sonata arrives on the Playstation 3 with bonus content. Non playable characters Serenade and Prince Crescendo join the […]

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Eternal Sonata PS3 Confirmed

By Rolando . September 12, 2007 . 1:05pm

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine confirms a "slip up" that set the Internets semi-ablaze this week; Eternal Sonata, an Xbox 360 title, will now be headed to the Playstation 3 in Spring of 2008. The differences between the PS3 version and Xbox 360 version are not only the ability to change your character's clothes […]

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Flip Flop? Eternal Sonata coming to the PS3 too?

By Spencer . September 10, 2007 . 11:30pm

I’m not sure what to believe Microsoft and Namco Bandai saying that Eternal Sonata was an Xbox 360 exclusive. Or all the signs pointing that a Playstation 3 version is well into development.   You might remember the ESRB “leaked” that Eternal Sonata was a dual platform game. Soon after the listing appeared it vanished […]

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Eternal Sonata designed for gamers to hear Chopin

By Spencer . August 16, 2007 . 7:44pm

Hiroya Hatsushiba, the president of Tri-Crescendo came up with the concept for Eternal Sonata because of his love for Frédéric Chopin’s music. Stephanie Fernandez, the localization producer of Eternal Sonata explains, “He’s a big fan of Chopin. He wanted to introduce gamers to his music.” Chopin’s music is integrated into Eternal Sonata. You can unlock […]

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Eternal Sonata demo up on Xbox Live Marketplace

By Spencer . August 7, 2007 . 11:08am

If you haven’t already picked it up from the Japanese Xbox Live Marketplace go and grab the Eternal Sonata demo. Namco Bandai put it on the US Marketplace so you don’t have to go through all the trouble of creating a Japanese Xbox Live Silver account just to knock onions with a sword. Yes, onions. […]

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Screen Gallery – Eternal Sonata

By Spencer . July 31, 2007 . 2:12pm

  Blue Dragon isn’t going to be the only JRPG on the Xbox 360 this year. Namco Bandai has Eternal Sonata, an adventure with cel-shading and Chopin slated for September 17. We have some more screenshots from the US build to check out, mostly of the main characters. Since Eternal Sonata is coming out in […]

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Culdcept Saga in ’08 and other Namco Bandai release dates

By Spencer . July 5, 2007 . 1:41pm

Namco Bandai sent out a list of games that they are going to be showing off at E3 and in the press release are a handful of launch dates. Culdcept Saga will arrive in 2008 on the Xbox 360 and Eternal Sonata is still on target for September 2007, a mere four months after its […]

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Watch: Boss battles in Eternal Sonata

By Spencer . June 28, 2007 . 3:48pm

Only a few weeks after Blue Dragon comes out Namco Bandai is going to release Eternal Sonata in North America. Combat in Eternal Sonata is kind of like Star Ocean, since you can freely run around the battle field and select strikes with the face buttons. As long as there is energy in the meter […]