Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 2nd is a sequel to Samurai Warriors Chronicles, a Nintendo 3DS launch game in Tecmo Koei’s long-running series. For the sequel, new features such as enhanced character customization, a mission mode with local 4-player co-op, and new generals are being added.


Above are new generals Todo Takitora (left) and Yagyu Munenori (right). In addition to these, the single player story will also see other additions such as branching storylines with multiple endings.

An in-game flowchart (right) on the 3DS’ bottom screen will enable players to see the different paths available to them.



As far as online functions go, for the multiplayer mission mode, there are online rankings. Tecmo Koei promise DLC, too. And finally, here’s a tease for a third new general—a mysterious female character that Tecmo aren’t revealing yet:


Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 2nd is scheduled for release on September 13.


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