Type-Moon Café Opens For Business This Week In Japan


This week, Type-Moon are collaborating with figure maker, Good Smile Company, to revamp the Good Smile Café in Matsudo, Japan into a Type-Moon Café. The is being done to promote their Carnival Phantasm character crossover anime series.


The Type-Moon theme will be in effect from August 23rd – September 25th, and during this period, the café will serve regular dishes as well as a special menu.


A plain omelette, for example, goes for 800 yen (about $10.50). You can toppings such as cheese or ham or avocado or fish to it. Adding two toppings costs another 100 yen, while three toppings will increase the price by 150 yen. From 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM, the café will serve its lunch set for 900 yen (close to $12).


You also have a salad menu, consisting of two varieties (green and Japanese) in the same price range. Desserts include french toast, apple pie, chocolate cake, ice-cream and so on. A “special dish” section of the menu lists hamburgers, roast beef and other dishes. Drinks include juices, cola, red and white wine, beer, cocktails and more. If you read Japanese, you can view the full menu here.


Naturally, this wouldn’t be a good anime collaboration without some sort of special items on the menu. The image above is of Great Cat Mabo Rice, in reference to Neko-Arc from Melty Blood. Neko Arc is also on the door to the cafe as you can see in the image at the top of this post, so I’m assuming she’s their mascot.


Type-Moon-themed drinks include “Excalibur” (left) and “Average One” (right). Excalibur, I assume, is in reference to Saber’s Noble Phantasm. Average One is a title awarded to mages in the Type-Moon universe who can manipulate all five magical elements. I believe Rin is capable of doing this, which would explain the red colour.


In addition to the Type-Moon menu, the cafe is also going to be serving a special “Black Rock Curry” until August 28th for 900 yen, to help promote Black Rock Shooter: The Game.


Ishaan Sahdev
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