Riding the Type-Moon hype wave, the Good Smile Company are re-releasing some of their more popular figurines and statues this month. As previously reported, the Fate/Zero Saber Figma will be one of these. In fact, both the Saber and Kiritsugu Figmas will be re-releases with modified facial expressions.



Meanwhile, the “Garannodou” statue for Kara no Kyoukai’s Ryougi Shiki is slated for re-release, too, along with Nendoroids Saber Lion and Saber: 10th Anniversary Edition.


Both Shiki and Saber Lion will be available in November. Meanwhile, Saber: 10th Anniversary Edition is up for pre-order now, but will only be available at the Good Smile online store.


You can find more images of these figures over on Good Smile Company’s blog.


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