U-Treasure Releases Diamond Cut Like a Poke Ball

poke ball diamond

U-Treasure has released a Pokemon diamond in the shape of a Poke Ball. The cut is a round brilliant, but it has more than twice as many facets as usual. A normal round brilliant cut has 58 facets. However, the U-Treasure Poke Ball diamond has 143. The diamond will cost around 313,500 JPY, which is approximately $2,339. [Thanks, PR Times!]

The U-Treasure Poke Ball engagement diamond will be available from June 9, 2022. You can also see it in the U-Treasure concept store in Ikebukuro. As mentioned earlier, the diamond has more facets than the typical round brilliant cut. The more facets a diamond has, the more light it reflects. The number of cuts creates the Poke Ball’s distinctive shape, including the line in the middle where it opens.

According to U-Treasure, there is a symbolic meaning for why this gem looks like a Poke Ball. Just like how the basic Poke Ball is with you at the beginning of your Pokemon journey, this is meant to signify the start of a new adventure with your spouse. As this is simply a diamond, you will need to purchase the ring separately. For example, you can choose this diamond for the Pikachu solitaire ring U-Treasure released in October 2021.

The U-Treasure Poke Ball engagement diamond is available online, and U-Treasure offers international shipping.

Stephanie Liu
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