Uma Musume Pretty Derby Reaches Over 10 Million Downloads

Uma Musume downloads

The mobile title Uma Musume: Pretty Derby has officially reached over 10 million downloads. To celebrate, Cygames is giving away 3000 jewels to trainers for free, along with increasing the number of daily races players can participate in and daily rentals. Importantly, players will have until October 21, 2021 to claim the 3000 jewels.

The rental increase campaign will run for a week until September 28, 2021. It will increase the number of times players can rent horse girls to twice instead of the usual once per day. Furthermore, the campaign will also raise the total daily rental cap from three times to five times per day. Similarly, the daily race increase campaign will provide players with three extra daily race tickets. The daily race campaign will run from September 22 to September 28, 2021.

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby originally launched back in February 2021, after nearly three years of development delays. The title was later released for PC via DMM Games in the following month. The game would later become the third top-grossing mobile game in the world, beating out other big mobile titles such as Genshin Impact and Pokemon Go. The Uma Musume franchise also extends to a two-season television anime series and a manga series that recently hit a milestone of 1.5 million copies sold.

The Uma Musume: Pretty Derby 10 million download campaign will run from September 21 to September 28, 2021. Players can redeem the free 3000 jewels until October 21, 2021.


Andrew Kiya
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