Unsung Story Will Have Job Classes From Five “Schools”


Unsung Story, the strategy RPG being developed by Yasumi Matsuno and Playdek, will have five “schools” that help characterize the various playable job classes at your disposal. These schools are: War, Nature, Divine, Man, and Arcane. Playdek have provided a summary for each of these, and you can read them below.


  • Units within the School of War specialize in the use of martial weapons and skills. Soldiers and Lancers are examples of two Jobs found within this school.
  • The School of Nature revolves around the use of weapons and skills that pertain to living alongside nature. Huntsmen and Beastmasters are just two Jobs found within this School.


  • The School of the Divine promotes the use of powers imparted from higher beings which manifest as Miracles or Hexes. Priests and Necromancers are two Jobs that emerge from this School.


  • The School of Man highlights the perfection, ingenuity, and vices of man. Incidentally, Apothecaries and Assassins are two Jobs found here.


  • The last School, the Arcane School, uses magic instead of physical means to overcome obstacles. Here you will find Jobs such as Wizards and Summoners associated to this School.


In addition to their School, your units will also be affected by their Lineage, which is a system that will be discussed at a later date. In terms of attributes, your unit’s stats will be broken down into: Vitality, Strength, Dexterity/Agility, Intelligence/Mind, Fate/Piety, and Charisma. You can read about each of these attributes here.


Finally, Playdek have also released a few more work-in-progress screenshots of the game. You can find the previous batch of screenshots here.


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