Top Angler: Real Bass Fishing is a game that was published for the PlayStation 2 and Gamecube by Sims back in 2002. Now, Japanese developer, InterOne, are developing a version of Top Angler for Kinect.


Top Angler: Bass Fishing has you using motions to fish, of course, but it also has a few other neat features. For one, you can have your facial features reflected in your in-game character. While in your boat, you control it using voice commands, such as “back,” or “forward” or “left” or “right”. Zooming in and out can either be performed using voice commands or by leaning your body forward or backward.


There’s an amusing photo-capturing feature as well. Once you manage to catch a big fish, you can pose in front of the Kinect and the game will combine your picture and the fish.


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