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Using Pokémon Bank To Transfer Solrock Or Lunatone Will Unlock A Special Scene In Pokémon Sun & Moon



Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter are now finally compatible with Pokémon Sun & Moon, and using the updated transfer service can unlock a special new cutscene in the games, provided you send over the correct Pokémon. [Thanks, Polygon.]


By bringing the Pokémon Solrock to Sun version or Lunatone to Moon, you can unlock a special scene with a certain character in the Haina Desert. This had been discovered by fans previously, but the scene is now available for players to unlock under normal circumstances.


You can watch the scene in the video below.


Here’s the step-by-step process from Reddit to unlock the cutscene for yourself:


-Transfer Solrock to Pokémon Sun or Lunatone to Pokémon Moon.


-Put Solrock/Lunatone in your party.


-Fly to Ruins of Abundance on Ula’ula Island.


-Head south to enter Haina Desert.


-Head to the western exit, then immediately back east (where you came from).


-Head to the southern exit.


-Keep heading south until you see the old man with a red shirt.


-Speak to him for an interesting cutscene!


Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are available for Nintendo 3DS.