VC Monday: Celebrate the New Year with Bub and Bob


bubblebobble1.jpgIt's New Year's Eve, but more importantly to us in the gaming world, it's VC Monday! Today's update brings with it games for the Neo-Geo, NES, and Genesis. First up is Top Hunter. You may remember that I did an article on the game a few weeks back, saying not to pass it up when it arrives. Well, it's arrived, so I definitely recommend this one. Considering that I did an entire piece on it, I won't go into too much detail on it here. Next up is Light Crusader, an isometric RPG for the Genesis from Treasure in the vein of Landstalker. While a good game, it's lacking that certain something that other Treasure titles have. Still one to check out if you like games like Landstalker. And last but certainly not least we have Bubble Bobble for the NES. A true classic from Taito, Bubble Bobble puts you in the shoes of Bub, and Bob, if you're playing with two players, who have to rescue their girlfriends from the Cave of Monsters. There's really not much I can say about Bubble Bobble that hasn't been said before. It's simply a fantastic game, and definitely the must-buy of the week.


Bubble Bobble alone makes this week great, however Top Hunter shouldn't be missed either, nor should Light Crusader if that's your type of game. As for me, I've gotten over my bitterness towards Nintendo for not releasing Earthbound on the VC yet. Still, I'm going to hope for it every week until they deliver. For now though, I think I'll enjoy some Bubble Bobble. Happy downloading, VC gamers, and happy New Year!