VC Monday: Crack some skulls, or solve some puzzles


ssfii.jpg I'm beginning to think that two game weeks are becoming the norm for Nintendo and the Virtual Console. I'm not sure why Nintendo is scaling back on their VC releases, but it seems that they are. Anyway, this week we've got two sequels to games that are already on the Virtual Console. First up is The Adventures of Lolo 2 for the NES. Basically the same as the first game in the series with harder puzzles and a boss fight at the end of the game, Lolo 2 still comes highly recommended. Second is Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers. The third version of Street Fighter II to hit the SNES features new moves, backgrounds, and most importantly new characters. If nothing else, SSFII deserves credit for introducing Cammy to the Street Fighter cast. And come on, who isn't a Cammy fan? If you haven't gotten either of the two SFII games available on the VC, this is the one to get for sure.


It's disappointing to see that Nintendo is apparently cutting down on the number of Virtual Console releases per week. Still, this week isn't too bad, really. Sure, we only get two games (again), but at least they're both good games. Now here's hoping we get 1080 Snowboarding next week, as Europe got it this week. That'll be one to get, for sure.