VC Monday: Explore an island, or become the king of fighters



Well, VC gamers, it's here. The first VC update of the new year. Strangely it's only a two-game update this time around, however it's one of the best updates we've had in several weeks. First up is StarTropics, the classic action adventure game for the NES. Released only in the USA and Europe, it was never released nor was it ever intended for release in Japan. StarTropics puts you in the shoes of Mike Jones, a pitcher from Seattle who must unravel the mystery of C-Island and find his uncle, archaeologist Dr. Steve Jones. StarTropics has quite the cult following, so I'd wager a guess that this one's going to sell pretty well. Next up is The King of Fighters '94 for the Neo-Geo. The first installment in SNK's venerable fighting series, KoF '94 brings together fighters from many of SNK's fighting games and pits them against each other for the right to take on Rugal, the sinister force behind the tournament. KoF '94 also introduces Kyo Kusanagi, who was destined to become the star of the franchise. While later installments trumped the original, KoF '94 is still a great fighter, and probably the best on the Virtual Console at the moment.


All in all, despite the fact that there's only two games in this week's update, it's a good one. StarTropics is a great way to kick off 2008 on the Virtual Console, and KoF '94 shouldn't be overlooked either. Oh, and for everyone who hasn't played StarTropics, just remember…the code is 747. StarTropics veterans will know what I'm talking about, and why I'm saying it…You can't quite dip the virtual instruction manual in water, after all.