VC Monday: Grab your board and hit the slopes, or…well, that’s all actually


1080sb1.gif Today's Virtual Console update brings with it an N64 classic, and…not much else. Yeah, only one Virtual Console game this week. And while it isn't the first time we've only gotten one game, it's always a bit of a letdown when the week's VC update consists of a lone game. Anyway, today's VC update brings us 1080 Snowboarding, one of the best snowboarding games of the fifth console generation. Definitely a great game, and one of the best the N64 had. And you've gotta love a game where you can tear up the mountain as a snowboarding panda bear. This one's worth checking out for any fan of snowboarding games.


Only one game this week, but it's a great one. Also note that with 1080, the US Virtual Console now has 197 games. Three more and the VC will hit the 200 game milestone. Will Nintendo give us something special for the 200th game, like they did for the 100th? Here's hoping!