VC Monday: It’s import week!


drmf2.png It's Monday, and I'm back after taking last week's VC Monday off. Brawl was just released yesterday, so most likely, a good many of you aren't even thinking about the VC today, are you? Well, that's too bad, because if you're not you're missing out on a couple of really great import games. First up is Puyo Puyo 2 for the Genesis. Okay, admittedly, there's not too much reason to check this one out if you already have Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine or Kirby's Avalanche already. But if you don't, this one's a good buy. It's just as addictive as the last two variants on the series released on the VC. Second we have DoReMi Fantasy: Milon's DokiDoki Adventure. I did an entire article about this one a few days ago, so I won't really go into it here. If you want to know what it is, check out that article. I can say that it's definitely worth a look, though. It's an excellent platformer, and definitely worth the 900 points.


So there we have it. Two great import games this week for those of you who can tear themselves away from Brawl for long enough to check them out. Sadly due to the snowstorm here in Ohio I wasn't able to get my hands on Brawl yesterday. So I'll probably be grabbing DoReMi Fantasy and enjoying some time in Milon's fantasy world. And you all should too!




< Spencer's note: Both of these games cost 900 points, 100 points more than the usual Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis title. >