VC Monday: Soldiers and jewels, an odd combination


columns3.png This week on the Virtual Console, we've got Earthbound and Super Mario RPG. Wait, hold on…no, sorry, my mistake. That's what we got this week in Bizarro World. Here in the real world, we get Operation Wolf and Columns III. Operation Wolf for the NES is a first person sidescrolling rail shooter that puts you in the shoes of an American soldier, attempting to rescue hostages from a terrorist concentration camp. Columns III is the third (obviously) installment in Sega's puzzle series for the Genesis. Columns III differs from previous installments in the series by pitting you against a CPU opponent in single player mode. And honestly, it's one of my favorite Genesis games. I once went over an hour without losing in the Sega Smash Pack version on the Dreamcast.


And so the two game updates continue for another week. At this point it's looking unlikely that Nintendo will go back to giving us three games per week any time soon. Somewhat disappointing really, but hey, at least we've got WiiWare to look forward to soon, right?