Violent Hide-And-Seek Game BADBLOOD Gets An Intense Prequel Mini-Game



Winnie Song has released a prequel mini-game to her upcoming violent and stylish hide-and-seek game BADBLOOD.  It’s called BLOODSPORT and you can play it in your browser or download it for free on


The idea is to look some beast in the woods right in the eyes and to never break its gaze, otherwise it’ll kill you. You have to try to survive until the sun comes up. And to encourage you to do so there are prizes up for grabs.


To win, you need to be one of the first three people to send a screenshot of the Sun (in the game) to [email protected] or @songfeuds. You’ll get a code for BADBLOOD and a physical copy of BADLANDS PERIODICAL (a digital art book based on the game).


But it won’t be easy. The problem is that you need to blink quite regularly while staring at this beast. Plus, it moves around you to keep you on your toes. As it does move, it will tell you where it will appear by using the points on the compass in your hand (north, south, east, and west). Give it a go and see if you can survive until morning.


BADBLOOD will be out later this year for PC. Find out more about it in Siliconera’s previous article on the game.

Chris Priestman