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Void Terrarium 2 Demo and PetNanny ‘Virtual Pet’ Available

void terrarium 2 demo

A demo for Void Terrarium 2 is now available for the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch. To commemorate this, you can play PetNanny, which is a Tamagotchi-like virtual pet game in which you take care of Toriko. Toriko is the last human alive and you must feed her and get rid of the various threats that appear in the terrarium.

You can watch the trailer for the demo of Void Terrarium 2 here:

The actual Void Terrarium 2 is like a more expanded version of PetNanny. You will play as Robbie, a robot, whose job is to take care of Toriko. It combines Tamagotchi-like gameplay with a roguelike dungeon crawl, and you will also be able to purchase items to spruce up your terrarium.

The first game came out in July 2020, and it featured similar mechanics as well. Void Terrarium 2 is a direct sequel in terms of the story. Along with taking care of Toriko, Void Terrarium 2 will introduce a hacking mechanic in which Robbie looks into the past and explores a world before the apocalypse. This will come into play when you try to figure out Toriko’s past and look for clues to help her overcome her fatal disease.

Void Terrarium 2 will come out for the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch on February 28, 2023.

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