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void tRrLM(); //void Terrarium Introduces Combat Roles and Zombie Disease


The latest batch of info on Nippon Ichi’s void tRrLM(); //void Terrarium goes over combat roles that the caretaker robot can use to improve its exploration, plus some more diseases that can happen to Toriko if you don’t take care of her. The process of resource conversion was also shared.


As you might imagine, Hunger is a strong need that you must take care of for Toriko by bringing her food. Even yucky bugs can act as a good source of protein. The AI will tell you the general location of where you can find the food Toriko needs most at the moment.

Resource Conversion

When you finish explorationi, you’ll bring back the required items as Special Resources, and the other items will be converted into four types of Resources (biological, non-biological, energy, and contamination).

Special Resources are the base for creating furniture and medicine. Repair items and Potions are items made from biological resources. Non-biological resources are used to make bombs, weapons, and defensive items. Gadgets and universally useful items are made from energy resources. And finally, contamination items usually include contamination resources.

Using the resources, the robot can make items to take care of Toriko. Using Craft Bonuses, it can also strengthen itself for further exploration.

For example, when making the decontamination spray, you’ll need the ‘Anti-bacterial Spray’, as well as two biological resources and one energy resource.

Every item you find are all turned into resources, and if you need contamination resources, it might be best to keep high contamination items in order to save it up.

Caretaker Robot

Custom Parts

As you explore, you’ll become able to customize the caretaker robot’s abilities. By equipping custom parts, you’ll be able to begin exploration with Skills equipped.


Furthermore, if you create ‘Role’ data that can specialize the caretaker robot, you can determine the sort of skills that appear during exploration. Each role has its own speciality, so if you feel the enemies are strong, changing up the Role might be the answer.

Toriko’s Diseases

Toriko is a young girl infected with fungi. She doesn’t have a strong immune system, and even slightly harmful things or changes in her environment might cause her health to deteriorate. Previously, we introduced Chicken, Crying, and Liquidification diseases here, but here’s what else can happen to her.


A disease that causes Toriko’s body begins to rot, with a high chance of death. She’ll start to slowly shuffle around and bite anything with eyes to spread the disease. You must cover up her eyes, and chain her down so she can’t move.

Bug Infestation

A disease where Toriko gets infested with insects. There is a chance that the insects might be infected by even more severe diseases, and pass it on to her. Kill off the insects with insect extermination gas.

Breaking Bones

The young and weak Toriko is weak to physical force, and she might accidentally break her bones. Make sure to fix her limbs in a cast so that it sets properly in the right manner.

void tRrLM(); //void Terrarium releases for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan on January 23, 2020. A demo is currently available in Japan for PS4 and Switch.

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