Summon Waitress Versions of Kohaku and Rita in Tales of Crestoria

Tales of Crestoria Waitress Kohaku Rita

The latest characters to join the Tales of Crestoria summoning pool have been revealed. Kohaku from Tales of Hearts and Rita from Tales of Vesperia will have waitress outfit variants in Tales of Crestoria, and these new variations have joined the summon pool. With these new variants comes new art, and fans of Rita and Kohaku will want to get their hands on these versions. Players will be able to summon these new versions at a higher rate through the Premium Summons banner until September 16, 2020.

Both Kohaku and Rita have Memoria Stones that will benefit allies of specific elements. Rita’s Memoria Stone will give +56% damage up to Earth-Type allies, and Kohaku’s will give +27% HP to Fire-Type Allies. While these Memoria Stones may not seem as beneficial as other characters that are part of the summoning pool (specifically the new added Zelos and Sophie) they provide some decent debuffs with their normal Artes attacks.

Rita has Blade Roll (3 Hit Artes), an attack that has a 40% chance to cast Debilitated on all enemies for three turns. Whereas Kohaku has Divine Saber (27 Hit Artes) that has a 100% chance to decrease the defense of an enemy by 10% for two turns. In addition to this, Kohaku also has a Healing Artes with her waitress variant, similar to her normal version. Once again, the Tales of Crestoria waitress variants for Kohaku and Rita will be available as part of the Premium Summon for a limited time. If you’re interested in adding either of these characters to your roster, now is the time.

Tales of Crestoria currently has a 1 Million Downloads Campaign where players are currently available to receive rewards ranging from up to 2,400 gleamstones, and valuable leveling up materials.

Tales of Crestoria is immediately available for iOS and Android devices.

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