Tales of Crestoria 1 Million Download Campaign Gives Away Up tp 2,400 Free Gleamstones

Tales of Crestoria Free Gleamstones

Players can receive up to 2,400 free gleamstones by logging into Tales of Crestoria during the 1 Million Gratitude and Delight Special Campaign. This limited time campaign will run from August 5 to September 1, 2020. Players will need to log in every day during this special campaign in order to receive the aforementioned amount of gleamstones. This is quite a hefty amount of in-game currency, considering one 10x summon costs 2,500 gleamstones total.

In addition to this, players will also receive additional bonuses from the 1 Million Download Gratitude Bonus. These include Rainbow Elixirs, Rainbow Refinement Stones, Summon Tickets, and a Million Normin head adornment. Additionally, if players are hurting for free gleamstones, Tales of Crestoria has issued 2,500 gleamstones as maintenance compensation. This means that anyone that has logged in and received these free gleamstones can test their luck with the one-time only, guaranteed SSR banner.

One of the more exciting things happening during this campaign is the aforementioned 10x summon banner with a guaranteed SSR. This summon can be used with free gems and does not require players to open their wallets. In addition to this banner, the official Tales of Crestoria Twitter has an on-going campaign where if the tweet linked below is retweeted over 5,000 times, players will be gifted 400 gleamstones.

Tales of Crestoria is a mobile game that takes place within the Tales of universe. The story follows new series protagonists Kanata Hjuger, Vicious, and Misella, as they search for the Nation of Sin.

Tales of Crestoria is immediately available for iOS and Android devices.

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