Wally and Gallade Pokemon Scale World Figures Available to Pre-Order

Wally Gallade Pokemon Scale World

Bandai Spirits is set to release a Wally and Gallade Pokemon Scale World figure set. Pre-orders are currently open, with the figure set scheduled to ship sometime in July 2021. The Wally and Gallade Pokemon Scale World figure set will cost a total of ¥2,750 (or roughly $25). [Thanks, Hobby Watch!]

Similar to other Pokemon Scale World figures, this set will be made out of PVC and will be scaled to suit the sizes of already released figures. Like the previously released trainers, this set will also come with a trainer and their signature Pokemon. In this case Wally comes with Gallade, which had also joined him in Pokemon Masters EX when he appeared in the roster. You can take a look at the figure set below.

Wally and Gallade are part of the Hoenn line-up of Pokemon Scale World figures to be released by Bandai Spirits. However, other trainers from various regions have been released as Pokemon Scale World figures. This includes Nessa, Leon, Raihan, Allister, and Bea from Pokemon Sword and Shield. Just like Wally and Gallade, they each came with a signature Pokemon. Trainers and Pokemon from Pokemon Red and Blue are also available to purchase individually or in sets through the Premium Bandai storefront.

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