Pokemon Scale World Allister and Bea Statues’ Pre-orders Open

Pokemon Scale World Allister Bea

The Pokemon Scale World statues by Bandai Spirits have added Allister and Bea to the roster of gym leader figures. Pre-orders are now available for both characters, who are paired with their respective Pokemon. Like the Raihan and Nessa statues that had already gone up for pre-order, each Gym Leader will come with a signature companion. However Allister, unlike the other Scale World statues, will come with two Pokemon. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

As mentioned above, both Gym Leaders will come with their signature Pokemon. Since Bea is the fighting-type gym leader from the Galar region, her statue will come with the fighting-type Hitmontop. Allister, on the other hand, will be included with both ghost-type mascot Pokemon Mimikyu and the unique Galarian Cursola. The Bea and Hitmontop statues will cost ¥3,200 (which is roughly $30). The Allister statue with Mimkiyu and Galarian Cursola will cost ¥2,700 (about $25). Both statues are expected to ship sometime in February 2021.

You can look at images of the Pokemon Scale World Allister and Bea below:

If you are interested in pre-ordering either of these Pokemon Scale World statues, you can do so via the official Bandai online portal. The other Pokemon Scale World statues can also be found through the online store if you are looking to collect the entire set. Other Pokemon Sword and Shield characters that were teased upon the original announcement of this figure set include Galar Region Champion Leon. However, his Pokemon Scale World statue has not yet been announced.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is available on the Nintendo Switch. The Isle of Armor expansion is now available.

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