Warcraft III does Zelda


A 60MB download, a copy of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and a fiddly installation are the only way to enjoy a cute Zelda-ish RTS on your PC. Get the WC3 mod here and expect a story along those lines: "Hyrule is unexpectedly attacked by an army of Ahtnamaz, large Ant-like creatures that have avoided contact with the other Kingdoms. Barely escaping, Zelda and Impa are met by an Ahtnamaz General, and Impa stays behind for the fight. Zelda goes in search of Link, who soon falls under attack by Ahtnamaz oppressors. The story line shifts between the perspective of Zelda and Link. When following Zelda’s story the battles take place similar to RTS. When playing as Link the level takes place classical LOZ style as you traverse dungeons and face bosses". Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?