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Watch Rodea the Sky Soldier Take On A Giant Flying Serpent Boss



Rodea the Sky Soldier is just a month away from release in Japan, and Kadokawa showed off some basic gameplay in in the latest Nico Nico Live broadcast of Denjin Getcha.



After the wacky intro, the gameplay footage begins at the 8:22 mark of the video, starting with some of the basics with the player learning Rodea’s controls on how to fly around and do other basic actions.


For more details on the controls, you can check out our earlier report. At the 11:50 mark, they show us a little bit of Rodea’s basic attacks, as they rotate through some weapons, and show what it’s like to shoot while in mid-air.


You get a better idea of how the battle works at 12:40, where the player uses the targeting system to take out various enemies in little time, followed by a look at some more flying, which looks reminiscent of the NiGHTS games.


At 19:20, Rodea goes up against a giant enemy for a boss fight. In order to fight these, you’ll need to find their weak spots to take them out. In this fight, it’s located on the monster’s head, but hitting it results in the monster going into a frenzy and changing its looks and weak spots, so it seems like you’ll have to adapt while fighting.


After trying out the game, the Denjin Getcha player exclaimed how his hands got sweaty while playing, and how the controls are smooth and easy to understand, but it’s something that he feels will also require some thinking to go with the action.


Rodea the Sky Soldier will release in Japan on April 2, 2015 for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. The game is also headed West later this fall. You can read more about how Sonic the Hedgehog creator and his struggles that went into making the game a reality, in our previous report.

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